6 Handy Ways to Guess and Verify an Email Address

For every marketer there comes a time when you have to guess an email address. Perhaps a client scribbled it down incorrectly, or a customer typed in the wrong letters into your signup form. That’s no use when it’s vital that you capture them properly for outreach, network building and email marketing. LinkedIn InMail has made getting hold of business contacts’ email addresses harder than ever, while Facebook offers users the option to hide personal contact details.

With that in mind, here are 6 tricks to try when you’re really in a pinch:

Google it

Pop the person’s name into Google search, followed by ‘email address’. You’d be surprised how often this comes up trumps.

Company email formats

If you know the company the person works for, you can make an educated guess as to their email address by checking the business’ standard email format. The company’s website will usually give you a clue on the contacts page – whether it’s firstname.lastname@company.com or f.lastname@company.co.uk.

Email permutator

Use a basic email permutator tool to generate a list of all the possible options you could try. Most will ask for a name, domain and additional information like nickname or middle initial.

Email providers’ search option

If you know the person’s name and the provider they use or the company they work for, you can try to find their email addresses using an email providers’ search option. Yahoo has a people search, while Outlook has a ‘Find People’ function. You can even try to verify a list of guesses in Gmail Hangouts.

Sales Navigator Lite (formerly Rapportive)

This email add-on cross-references input email addresses against registered LinkedIn profiles to see if there’s a connection and displays the info in your inbox.

Email Checker

If you think you’ve got the address right but don’t want your message to bounce, consider double checking with a paid-for tool like Email Checker. The software attempts to verify guessed email addresses by pinging email servers without sending a real message and sweeping for errors. This method cleans up your email lists while it’s at it.