A Catch-All Inbox: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It

A ‘catch-all’ inbox is designed to collate all messages addressed to non-specific usernames at your domain.

How it works

If you set up your main account as a catch-all mailbox, all incoming mail from users will automatically be redirected there, even if it has been addressed incorrectly, misspelled, or even ended up in the wrong place.

Example :
If your domain is www.mydomain.co.uk and your email account is set up as a catch-all inbox – ie. catchall@mydomain.co.uk – all emails sent to any username at mydomain.co.uk will end up in the central mailbox.

Why businesses are using it

The catch-all inbox is a useful tool for big businesses that may be missing out on emails from potential leads without a centralised mailbox.

It’s also an effective way to manage bandwidth, as mail is distributed by an internal server rather than locally downloaded by each person in the business.

The drawback is the increased risk of spam, though it may be a small price to pay for increased engagement with users.

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