Cold email marketing best practices and tools

Cold email marketing is a tough nut to crack. Every day people receive more than 100 emails a day. Emails that stand out get a reply, whilst the rest just go into the deleted folder.

Making the first impression is important to make the most out of your cold email campaigns. Fortunately, there are cold email marketing tools and best practices to your rescue.

Cold email marketing best practices that boosts email open rates

The volume of your emails does not matter if your email open rates are not convincing. There is no point in sending tons of cold emails that either bounce back, end up in the junk folder or are deleted without opening.

As said earlier cold marketing is tough but if done with due diligence can win lots of new clients for your business. Here are the tested tips that can boost your cold email outreach.

  1. Verify your emails – This is a no brainer, you must validate an email for its existence before you decide to shoot an email. Getting your emails delivered should be the top priority for every email marketing campaign.

Using tools like EmailChecker makes sure you are mailing to a real address. Also, taking the help of email validation tools makes sure that you will not send an email to the spam trapped email accounts.

A hygienic email list will improve your email deliverability and lower your email marketing cost.

  1. Write short and openable subject lines – Validating your email leads gives you a peace of mind that your email is going to the real email account. The next step is to get your emails opened. The email recipients across the globe have a very limited attention span. To make a good first impression, you must take time and craft a really good subject line that is relevant and openable. Fortunately, with the help of an email subject line tester, you can analyze your subject lines.
  2. Focus on the value – As said earlier the email recipients have a short attention span. Writing lengthy and un-organized subject lines will only hurt your cold email campaign. To catch the attention of your readers, say it up-front what you have to offer and how they can be benefitted from your offers.

Keeping your cold emails short, relevant and personalized is the key to rocking your email campaigns.

  1. Don’t spam – There is a very thin line between spamming and cold emailing. Be mindful of the volume and timings of your cold emails. If you are sending tons of emails left right and centre, you will be certainly perceived as a spammer.

Run campaigns slowly and focus on the important email metrics including bounce rates and email open rates.

  1. Don’t forget call-to-action – Give your email recipients a clear call-to-action be it a reason to contact you, set-up a meeting or ask you more information on the subject. Drafting email copies with a call-to-action is a serious email marketing crime that you must avoid at all costs.
  2. Follow-up – If you have a large email list, setting up email automation for follow-up will help in sending the email just at the right time to bring the best results.

The above mentioned are the most important tips that are tested to bring the best results. Cold email marketing is a continuous task that needs various email marketing tools to make the job easier. From verifying emails, writing subject lines, testing emails and automation the email follow-ups there are tons of tools available. Choosing the right email marketing tool is what makes the difference.

Best cold email marketing tools

  1. Minelead – Minelead is a powerful email finder that helps you to generate leads from across the web. With Minelead you can quickly build an email list of potential leads and start building your email list in no time. 
  2. EmailChecker – EmailChecker is one of the most reliable and accurate email verification tools. EmailChecker helps you verify your email database irrespective of its volume in no time. Also, if you can take advantage of EmailChecker’s API to verify email addresses in real-time.
  3. Moosend – Moosend refine is one of the best email subject line testers. Moosend tests your email subject line and gives you an idea of the open rate for your subject line. Also, it is very useful with its quick suggestion that can improve your email subject lines with few clicks.
  4. MailTrack – Real-time email tracking can do wonders to the cold email marketing. With Mailtrack you can set email tracking for Gmail. You can get real-time email notifications when an email is being opened or the link in the message is clicked.
  5. Getresponse – It is an all in one email marketing tool that helps you send just the right kind of email at the right time. With Getresponse not only you get higher email deliverability but also beautiful and responsive emails can be created with just a few clicks.

Cold email marketing can bring you the desired results if you are consistent and use the right tools. Analyze your target audience and craft personalized emails to head start your email marketing.