Email marketing: emotive, effective and easy to measure

Email marketing: emotive, effective and easy to measure

Despite the rise of social media and continuing success of traditional ads, email is still the most direct and effective way of communicating with your potential audience, engaging with them and converting them into customers.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a specific strategy that encompasses sending out emails to prospective and current customers to promote your product or service. Tailored campaigns help you to establish connections with new leads, develop relationships and build rapport. They allow you to keep your customers informed about new releases or events too.

How does it impact sales?

94% of internet users still log in to email every day – that’s a huge customer base to tap into. Email marketing can directly impact your customers’ buying decisions, both in the moment and later, through brand visibility in their inbox, alongside direct calls to action and attractive offers.

How do I put it into practice?

Email marketing is relatively cheap and easy to set up and track, which makes it an accessible approach for small businesses. This type of marketing has high reporting and analytics capability, from click-throughs to open rates to bounce rates and conversions.

First of all, it’s vital that you build an organic email list of subscribers to engage with. Paid-for databases are often riddled with errors and won’t have actively opted in to receive your emails, which will impact your stats and sender reputation in the long term.

Frequent newsletters are a great way to connect, while promotions and offers are likely to tempt customers into clicking through. You can also use tailored emails with emotional hooks to target certain demographics. Make sure subject lines are snappy and keyword optimised. Implement a campaign hand-in-hand with your social media strategy, encouraging readers to like and share, to give them an extra way to connect with your brand.

Why is it so important?

There are several reasons why email should be your key marketing campaign:

For customer acquisition

Email marketing is the most powerful tool, above even social media, in acquiring customers, members, subscribers or users.

To make sales

Email conversions account for a quarter of all sales in the ecommerce sector

It’s affordable

It’s the most cost-effective method of reaching and engaging with potential and current customers.

It’s customisable

Emails can be highly personalised, which allows you to connect with customers in a more direct, one-on-one manner.

It works across devices

Nearly everyone has constant access to their emails via a mobile device.

It’s easily measured

Most email service providers offer reporting functionality so you can keep on top of your campaign’s performance.

Email marketing is a vital tool for most businesses, especially when building strong relationships with customers is key. If you learn to use it well, with timely campaigns and creative, relevant messages worth reading, it can really boost your success.