Give Your Email Lists a Deep Clean

As an email marketer, you’re likely to have several email lists that you use as part of your strategy. It’s also likely that they could use a deep clean. Predominantly they’ll fall into one of these three categories:

● A list you’re currently using to send marketing messages
● An old list you’re keen to revive
● A new list you’re adding to as we speak

The Definition of a Deep Clean

Cleaning up your email lists basically means removing invalid or non-existent addresses from your database.

What’s the Point?

Not only will deep cleaning reduce the size of your list, it will improve your deliverability rates, sender reputation and cut your bounce rates down. It will also deliver better stats on your open and click through rates, which is useful when you’re measuring the success of your campaign.

The main benefits are as follows:

● It keeps you out of spam folders

Most of the major email servers migrated to a new spam filtering process a couple of years ago that is based on email engagement. When the server receives the same email meant to be received by a number of people, it tests to see if a certain number of recipients are opening, reading, clicking through, marking as spam or deleting. If the server determines that more than enough recipients are deleting, not opening or making as spam, it will deliver the rest of your emails directly to your subscribers’ spam folders.

● It cuts your costs

The last thing you want to do is waste your marketing budget on bounces. It’s worth cleaning up your lists to get rid of the useless addresses. It’s doubly important if you’re paying for any services that count the number of subscribers you have.

● It improves your reporting

If 10-20% of your list is made up of invalid emails, your campaign stats are going to be skewed. It will affect your open rates and click through rates, as well as your sender reputation, so it’s key to ensure accuracy.

How to Deep Clean Your List

There are several different ways to clean up your lists.

● Some email providers will automatically unsubscribe emails that bounce from non-existent domains
● MailChimp reports bounces and the reasons why so you can take action
● Software from companies like Email Checker use an algorithm to run through your email
list, or validate entries in real time, to keep it clean and your deliverability rate high

It’s a smart strategic move to clean up your list from time to time – saving you money, protecting your reputation and helping you to engage more effectively with your users.

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