How to Increase Deliverability with the Guidance From Email Checker

Every email marketer has at some point heard about the rate of deliverability of emails going out into the cyberspace, about their email open rate and certainly about avoiding any traps that would decrease the emailer’s sender reputation. However, without knowing how to implement these suggestions they remain just empty phrases with no real value to you or your digital marketing campaign. So, let us first start by giving you a straightforward explanation of each before going into the how-to of their implementation into your next email marketing campaign!

What does deliverability mean?

Email deliverability is a system which indicates the number of emails that reached the recipients’ inboxes. There are many factors which influence it, but the best option to be on the safe side is to use an authoritative service that cares about all the technical issues.

What is an open rate?

As the name suggests to a certain extent and it refers to the percentage of your emails that are actually opened by your recipient. Working on your deliverability is not enough anymore. We will discuss open rates and how to increase them a little later, so take this as a little introduction to the whole topic.

We at Email Checker pride ourselves on ±99% email inbox placement, a rate significantly higher than any other on the email verification company in the market. Our email verification system places your email list through a unique verification process ensuring the “hygiene” and validity of each and every one of your customer email addresses and subsequently making sure your sender reputation is not only intact but significantly improved.

What can you do to ensure the deliverability of your emails?

The best thing any email marketer could do is to not let their contact email address lists get neglected and contaminated with invalid, disposable and incorrect email addresses in the first place. However, if this happens, as it has to even the best of us, your best marketer move would be to put that job in the hands of the expert teams here at Email Checker and let us make sure that your list is “clean” and safe to send to.

And once you receive back the cleaned out email list there are a couple of things that we suggest you could do to immediately bounce back and improve your deliverability rate.

Read through them and try to implement as many as possible in order to get right back on track engaging your customers, receiving feedback and increasing your email open rates.


The first thing any email recipient sees is the subject line of the email they received. If the subject line is in-attractive or does not pass the message you are trying to convey to your potential customer then the probability of the recipient opening that email is very low. And once your subject line is clear it will pass your whole content message to your potential customer.


If you are running a niche business and if you are offering different services or personalized information according to the customers’ interests then you are on the right page. For that, you have to create separate lists of customer email addresses with similar interests or niche services from your company in order to serve the right service to the right audience. If you send out every email to every customer regardless of their preferences your customers will most probably ignore your emails.


As we all know customer engagement is the key to creating a loyal customer network. For that if there is little to no response from the customer you are trying to engage with your campaign for more than six months, the best thing to do is to remove them from your email address list altogether in order to avoid increasing your complaint rates.


One thing you should always pay attention to is how you collect your email addresses. If it is through free giveaways or contests or free promotional signups than the probability of your customers creating fake, disposable and one-time emails is pretty high which in turns means that your risk of sending a promotional email to some of those emails back is pretty high as well.


Very often marketers make it impossible for subscribers to unsubscribe which forces the customers to hit the spam button in order to stop you from sending them unwanted emails.