Increase Conversions with Personalized Email Campaigns

Despite several new digital marketing methods making their mark, email marketing is still highly effective and can generate excellent ROI, provided you do it right. The most important factor to implement is personalization; deliver experiences that are relevant for your target audience.

Today’s consumer gets innumerable marketing messages, which end up in the trash or spam box because they are not valuable or relevant to the reader. But with a personalized message, you can catch the reader’s attention, and get them to take the desired action.

Here are a few tips on personalizing emails:

Collect Relevant Info

This is the base for effective personalization – and especially important at the outset of the buyer journey, to establish a robust relationship. When leads subscribe to your mailing list, ensure you collect names and location along with email ids. Use an email validation API to ascertain you’re getting a genuine email. With integrations, you can easily collect data like the customer’s activity on the site, purchase history, and other behavioural info. The greater the info you have, the more you can personalize.

Buyer Personas

Create buyer personas with the data you collect – it’s like having the data in a user-friendly format, and it offers valuable insights about your target audience, and helps you strategize your email personalization. Categorize customers on basis of demographics, values, age, gender, interests, etc.- anything that impacts purchase decisions.

Email list Segmentation

Proper segmentation helps in delivering relevant content to your target audience at the ideal time. You can customize the message and tone according to the receiver’s needs, and this can be achieved by analysing the buyer personas. After segmentation, you can craft bespoke email campaigns targeting specific groups of customers.

Take Advantage of customer behaviour

Study customer behaviour to identify the email content that’s most likely to increase conversions. Studying customer interactions like items clicked, products added to and/or removed from cart, etc.; live chats, form submissions etc. will help you create targeted campaigns. Send different types of email messages for different actions the customers take – welcome, notifications, rewards, reminders, and so on.

Celebrate milestones

Everyone likes to be pampered – make it a point to send emails to wish customers on birthdays and anniversaries, and also brand-related milestones like first purchase anniversary. Offer special discounts or coupons on such occasions; it will tell the customer that you actually care about them.

Dynamic content

Personalize user experiences by displaying interactive content in emails and on-site, based on user interests and preferences. This saves you time, and makes the user feel special as well. Content can be personalized based on many data points like location, age, gender, occupation and more, or alter content dynamically, depending on customer preferences.

Email Preference

Allow your customers to select the kind of emails they want to receive – and you may just be well on the way to forging a lasting bond with the customer. Email preference centres allow customers to stay in touch with you, unlike the ‘Unsubscribe’ button which terminates all communication for good. The preference centres can be based on time, content, or hybrid – a mix of the two.