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For a business of any size, the marketing strategy is very important; whereas it is hard to accomplish.  As a marketing-person, time is your greatest asset; make sure it is spent wisely to target the leads that are most likely to use your services. In order to do this, you must create an  Ideal Customer […]

Is warming up an email Account important?

Many businesses fail in their email marketing campaigns because the emails end up in the junk folder. In most cases, this happens because the new email servers haven’t been warmed up. If the given email is warmed up, a good deliverability is highly likely.    What is Email Warm-up? This means establishing a good reputation […]

Increase Conversions with Personalized Email Campaigns

Despite several new digital marketing methods making their mark, email marketing is still highly effective and can generate excellent ROI, provided you do it right. The most important factor to implement is personalization; deliver experiences that are relevant for your target audience. Today’s consumer gets innumerable marketing messages, which end up in the trash or […]

Tips for writing ‘engaging subject lines’

Email subject line is the first thing that signals your recipients if they really need to open the email in question. A subject line could get your prospects excited to read your email or irk them enough to mark it spam Best Practices Keep it crisp and clear: Studies suggest that people get over 100 […]

How to write the best ‘call to action’ for a cold email?

The purpose of your sales emails can vary according to the situation. As a first step, it’s very important to define it clearly for yourself. Next, it’s crucial to make sure you are not confusing your recipients and that you tell them exactly what you want from them. Set things straight from the beginning. If […]

5 ways to segment your email list

An email list that is built organically takes a fair bit of time to get bigger in volume. An organic or valid email database demands your undivided attention to send targeted emails to the recipients. The first step for sending relevant emails is to segment an email list.  Sending generic emails to your subscribers will […]

15 Tips For Better Email Marketing Copy

Can’t find the words to get your prospects to open and respond? Follow Cognism’s easy guide to effective emails! For marketers, email is still one of the biggest B2B lead generation channels in 2020: 93% of B2B companies use email as part of their marketing mix. More than 120 billion business emails are sent and […]

Cold email marketing best practices and tools

Cold email marketing is a tough nut to crack. Every day people receive more than 100 emails a day. Emails that stand out get a reply, whilst the rest just go into the deleted folder. Making the first impression is important to make the most out of your cold email campaigns. Fortunately, there are cold […]

Top 5 Best Tips For Email Marketing

If you are a business person and want to start a healthy Email marketing medium then you are on the right page. It is one of the most successful marketing mediums in the online world. According to research, email marketing helps to produce even more leads than social media marketing monsters like Facebook and Twitter. […]

How to Increase Deliverability with the Guidance From Email Checker

Every email marketer has at some point heard about the rate of deliverability of emails going out into the cyberspace, about their email open rate and certainly about avoiding any traps that would decrease the emailer’s sender reputation. However, without knowing how to implement these suggestions they remain just empty phrases with no real value […]