The Top 5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Your Business

If email marketing is a strategy integral to your business growth, you’ll no doubt want to make sure it’s as foolproof as possible. Fortunately, there are tools on the market than can do just that. Email verification services, like Email Checker, can markedly improve your results in a very short space of time. Dedicated software ‘cleans’ your email database of temporary, spam and invalid email addresses, lowering your bounce rate and increasing deliverability. It brings your list up to date. In turn, this results in a streamlined, effective campaign with a high sender score. Sound promising?

Here are the top 5 benefits for your business:

1. Connect with the customer
One of the key long-term benefits of email verification is that it enables you to learn more about your subscribers and target users. Finding out your users’ names and other vital data, like location and gender, via their email address allows you to personalise your marketing messages.

2. Streamline your process
In most cases, email verification software’s API can be integrated with your website, which automatically validates email addresses that are entered into a signup or subscriber form by a user in real time.

3. Protect your sender reputation
Email verification software will remove spam traps, honeypots and toxic addresses to prevent spam complaints and bounces, which hurt your reputation as a sender.

4. Collect accurate statistics
If an email goes undelivered, a user is never going to open, click or engage. If invalid emails remain on your database, your campaign stats aren’t going to reflect the effort and energy behind your email marketing strategy. A clean list will deliver accurate stats.

5. Improve engagement
Greater deliverability (alongside snappy content) naturally increases customer engagement, by way of open and click rates. These stats will result in better inbox placement by the receiving domain to continue the cycle.