Top 5 Best Tips for Email Design

As you all know email marketing is an ideal and affordable marketing strategy for small businesses that want to quickly build a customer base and yield profits with minimal investment. But before you can get people to click on your messages, you have to capture their attention to your email. In this way, email design plays a vital role in email marketing success. So keep the following email design tips in your mind when you develop your email campaigns for email marketing.

Email design is a bit like building a new home. If all the most favourable elements aren’t utilized appropriately and in the correct places, it just isn’t going to make a proper home at all.

Create an eye-catching design

If you are a business person and your ideas aren’t being communicated clearly to your potential customers then your unsubscribe rate is going to increase with time. For that reason always utilize animated GIF images to capture attention. Be sure that your email design is 100% accessible, responsive and understandable in order to give your readers a great experience across all devices. To build out responsive templates that are both attractive to the eye and acceptable for readers.

Increase engagement

There is a huge relation between email engagement and email design but the problem occurs at any point where an email reader gets lost, confused, slowed down or blocked. Therefore it is very essential to reduce this above problem between your reader and the intentional action of your email. In order to take the best advantage of your calls to action direct your subscribers to landing pages that are most relevant. You can reduce this unintended behaviour towards your email for higher engagement and conversion by:

  • Keeping it in the inbox: Create a micro-site, landing page or shop within the body of your email so that readers don’t have to navigate away to complete an action.
  • Use video in your emails: Drive home your message and boost engagement rates by dropping a video directly into your email. Research shows that email marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those who don’t.
  • Use smart Images: Always use images in your email design that 100% related to your demographic. If your recipients are able to intentionally relate to the images you use, they are going to have a much higher chance of engaging with your brand.

Get comfortable with AI

As a business owner you have been dividing your email lists based on behaviour, demographics also. But with AI, you can actually modify your content to each user and automate that modification according to your need This means you now have the 100% power to give your subscribers a human experience without paying for that task. Once you have had the subscriber click over to your website, AI also has the power to help automate your chat-bots to answer initial customer questions which will generally assist all of your marketing efforts.

Create an experience

If you want to stand out from the competition and attract your audience, you can’t give them a simple email. Make the emails fun by peppering in exciting colours and animated GIFs. Entice your audience with imagery that is appealing to their needs. Lead your buyers down a clear path so that you guide them to your call to action without distraction.