Top 5 Best Tips To Get High Email Open Rates

As we all know what is the role of email open rate in email marketing.

If Yes, then: Do you know how much your email open rates are?

If No, then think about it again: The email has no importance at all if this is not opened by any reader.

According to research, a 20 – 40% open rate for email is a role model for every campaign. This all depends upon what type of your audience is. This research also shows that higher open rates are always related to religious or sports content which are committed followers), while e-commerce and marketing hang around 20%.

So according to email marketing experts if your email open rate is less than the average 20% email open rates, what steps are you taking to boost your email open rates.

Today in this blog post we will give the best tips to increase the email open rate in your email campaign.

1. Keep Your List Up To Date

Do you have any subscribers list for your service?

Then we have an advice for you in which it’s important to email your subscribers on a regular basis so your list doesn’t go dry or out of date.

But it has been seen over time, email subscribers can still go dry. Some people may have changed their email accounts, or they might not be interested in your service anymore.

So it is the 1st tip that you should keep your list 100% up to date subscribers, it’s a good idea to regularly do email verification of your email list from a trusted email verification provider.

2. Segment your Marketing List

As we all know it’s human nature when users decide whether or not to open an email, one of the most important factors to consider that, whether or not the email is relevant to them.

The best and trusted way to increase the relevancy of your emails? By segmenting your email list into parts. In this way now a user has a more relevant email list which increases the chance of email open rate.

3. Perfect Your Timing of sending emails

Timing plays a vital role in increasing email open rate. In this way timing of sending emails to your subscribers can have a huge effect on whether or not your subscribers open your emails. Finally, it’s advice to our readers that think carefully about what time and day you send your emails out.

4. Make Your Subject Line More Creative

The subject line in any email is the backbone of the whole email body. As a professional email marketer, your first job is to make your subject lines stand out.

Companies that often used the same subject line formulas for their email marketing get the same results and filter by the system. To make this process out of the competition, you’ll have to get more creative with your subject lines.

5. Always Write to Just One Person

In any email when you write your subject line and message content body, it’s obvious to think of the hundreds of people who are about to receive it soon.

Now if you really want to increase your email open rate then always write as if speaking to an individual person, with a personal subject line and a personalized message.