Email Checking & Verification For California Clients

Email Checking California Free Trial

Our email checking and email checker platform has been tailored to meet the needs and demands of our clients based in California. To learn more about how we can clean and validate your existing email address lists, create a free account and get 50 free trial credits via the link below today. Free Trial Sign Up

Email Verify California Free Trial

Our email verify and email verification platform has been created to meet the requirements and needs of our users based in California. To learn more about how we can verify and check your existing email address files, create a free account and get 50 free trial credits via the link below today. Free Trial Sign Up

The Ultimate Real Time Email Verification API

Quality Email Verification

Needless to say, all this means nothing without good results. We are constantly reviewing the responses returned by both B2C and B2B mail servers across the globe to ensure our results offer best possible accuracy. With so many mail servers responding in inconsistent or non-standard ways, this is a huge challenge and not something to be taken on in-house. Let us do this hard work for you, so you can focus on the rest of your important marketing tasks. Test DRive Email Checker

Easy Integration

Integration, is another area where in which we excel, we realise that different clients need different integration options, and sometimes a mix. The choice is yours. We also offer a real-time API for you to verify individual emails to integrate with your own app or website forms. Learn more about our API pricing structure and how it integrates with the most popular code environments and platforms.

What Makes Us Different?

Just Some Of Our Differences

We’ve gone further with our API than any other provider, here are just a few of our unique benefits.
  • We’ve got Yahoo covered, no other provider can match the accuracy of our Yahoo results.
  • Our domain based authentication version allows you to fully utilize our email verification API within your client side code (jQuery etc.) to provide a fast real-time response to the user without refreshing the page, and without exposing your API key.
  • Our correction and suggestion features will really help your user experience and conversions.
  • Third party integrations, ask us about our WordPress and Magento modules, if you need to integrate another third party solution, then just let us know.

What Does Our API Do?

Our email verification API can be used to check email addresses in real-time. We don’t just check syntax and domain, we also check that the user mailbox is available. This is the only way to know for sure if an email address is valid.

Common Typing Error Handling

We’ll also search for common typing errors and suggest alternatives. E.g. is more likely to be so we’ll validate what the user has entered, but provide you with the more likely alternative too.

Simple Pricing Structure

We have a simple, competitive fee structure, the pricing starts at just $49 per month for up to 7,500 monthly validations. For usage above your monthly quota we have a flat “overages” charge of $0.005 per validation request.

Built For Your Application

You can verify emails within your application or website with our real-time API. Offer the best experience possible for your users and help them avoid email entry or spamming mistakes.
Email Verification API

Compliant With All Major Programming Languages

Email Checker

Our Real Time Email API is compatible with C# based applications.

Email Checker

The Email Checker API is built to work with all Python based platforms.

Email Checker

We’re optimised to run with Java oriented environments.


If you’d like to ask any questions about our market leading email verification API please complete all sections of the form below.

Do you offer a Batch API?
Yes we certainly do, we offer a specialist batch API that is designed to process large files of email addresses which you can easily integrate, for more information on this please visit here to find out more about our Batch Email Verification API and it’s integration options.
Can I upload a file with multiple data fields?
Yes, you can upload a file containing multiple columns of data. Our system will pick out the email address field automatically and preserve the rest of your data.
What does your verification service check exactly?
We do complete email verification including, Syntax, a simple check to ensure the email address conforms to common standards. Domain, a lookup on the domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails. User, the really clever bit, where we check that the user mailbox exists (otherwise known as a SMTP check).

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