Why Is Email Validation Important For Us?

Email validation is most important in order to maintain a good business-standard. Many times the email address is the only way to communicate with a particular individual. If in any business, correct email validation is not done, then there can be chances of fraudulent use and/or spamming.

According to research, financial institutions like Banks or Credit Unions look for applicants to become their new customers. To achieve this goal in business the bank receives a huge number of electronic mail from various sources. It is likely that all of these emails are not real in nature. Therefore every financial institution and banks always choose certain ways in order to verify the electronic mail. This is called email validation. For that, they take the help of the software that is available online for email validation. As we know already, 95% of this software or services are found online.

It is a fact that the major part of world communication depends on email. In this way, email validation plays a vital role in our day to day life.

If you think email validation helps you to only verify your electronic email, think again. Here are the various benefits of email validation:

Reduce bounce rate

By doing email validation you will have a higher open rate and higher conversion rate. In this way, you will protect yourself from a lot of problems with your email service provider like account suspension. It also increases your revenue while saving money by avoiding sending emails to fake users.

Finally, when you are opting for a best email validation provider you will get a higher sender score and higher Inbox placement rate.

Reduce Fraud Activities

According to research that the majority of fraud activities now take place in the online world through email. There are so many examples in our day to day life when one has been scammed off the entire amount stored in their bank account through an email. That is the reason email validation has become very important. In today’s cyber world online hackers are experts in breaking the password and then easily accessing the personal email ids of any targeted person.

Since most of our communication has now been confined on the web, therefore, sometimes we try to send some secret information through this email id. If accidentally when this email id has been cracked by any hacker then he/she will steal their secret data.

Reduces email bounces

The results of the email verification are detailed. They tell you which address is undelivered to your customer, which one is delivered.

As a result, you will see that practically all your outgoing emails are getting delivered. The result of email validation gives you a clean email list and finally, you will see little to no email bounces at all.

Lowers spam complaints

As we all know very old and unused emails are the main source of becoming spam complains. These email addresses are that which are no longer active but still monitored by the businesses. If you send a message to one of these spam or trap emails, it could report you as spam, which spoils your sender reputation and impacts your email deliverability in a very negative way.

Secure Sender Reputation

When you as a business person are sending emails then, as a result, you have created a kind of reputation in the whole worldwide web.

This type of online reputation, commonly known as sender reputation, which is built on many factors. This includes factors like how often recipients find your email as spam or what proportion of your outgoing email bounces back to you.

In this way, by doing email validation you are securing your sender reputation, which plays a vital role in today’s competitive world.

Improves customer engagement

Because email validation removes and extracts incorrect or non-existent email addresses from your potential subscriber list, the remaining email addresses will be genuine ones.

As a result of the email validation process, you will get a final list of emails of your potential customers. In this way, you can easily understand their choices, interests, and priorities which give you a clear picture of what your customer wants from you. So when you are writing the next email, you know them better in a much better way.

Saves money

If you really want to save your hard-earned money in your business then email validation will be the best option for you. As we all know storing your email addresses list and sending out these emails both cost you money.

Email list validation and cleaning tell you which emails are safe and secure to send and which are not. In this way now you have a trusted report which shows, which address to cull from the list. Now your potential email list will reduce for sure, but that also means a type of savings that will give definite benefit in your business. To those who’re wondering why email verification is important, the answer is that because you’re sending emails to fewer people, the costs associated with storing and sending out emails go down.

Finally, using a trusted email validation provider like emailchecker.com not only ensures email validation and verification but also provides a good number of benefits to the user. It helps in saving a good amount of time and also a huge amount of money also. This type of savings not only benefit an individual but also to an organization as a whole. Another benefit of this email validation software is that it helps in the improvement of the data quality and of an email address also.