5 Best Reasons To Clean Your Email List

At the time you find that you have a problem with email cleaning, it’s literally too late. For that, you have already wasted resources and done notable damage to your brand.

That is the reason why email list cleaning is an important part of any successful email marketing strategy.

So don’t wait. Here are 5 significant reasons to clean your email list:

1-Good Reputation

As we all know a good reputation is more valuable than money.

According to a trusted result, undelivered emails and spam traps can damage your sender reputation. The internet is kind of like politics in which once you get a wrong or bad reputation then it will spread like fire in the jungle. You will soon find yourself blocked fro that particular from the inboxes you want to reach.

2-Reduce your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the best sign of the healthy email list. If your bounce rate is low then email list is a clean enough to attain a healthy email marketing campaign.

Now the question arises here what does email list cleaning does to low down your bounce rate. The fact behind the whole scene is that list cleaning process keeps your bounce rate low by removing the invalid, no longer available, and fake emails that are responsible for high rate bounces.

According to research, if your bounce rate goes above 3% to 5%, you will immediately see a huge negative impact on your email deliverability rates. But at 8% to 10%, your deliverability rates will start to drop dramatically.

3- Increased ROI: 

If you want to increase sales in your business then email list cleaning plays a vital role in this whole process. There’s no chance of a sale if you are sending emails to bad addresses – then there is no chance of getting any sale out of it. Your email marketing campaign could even have an adverse effect if you send to invalid email addresses. So the best way to get rid out of this problem is to increase ROI by performing data hygiene or email cleaning.

4- Avoid negative effects on your sending efforts: 

Failure to manage your email lists makes you exposed to spam traps, invalid email addresses, leads that sign up with non-existing domains or typos, and many more. Email list cleaning helps you avoid all of these above problems.

5- Enhance your deliverability: 

According to research, email list cleaning does not guarantee 100% email deliverability rate of your emails. But by this, you can achieve a huge improvement. Email list cleaning helps you identify bad records you should eliminate from your list before sending email to the particular destination for any successful email marketing campaign.

So Do You Really Need to Clean Your List?

Your spam complaints, undelivered messages, and unsubscribes are watched closely by Internet service providers. If you go over a certain level, it’s 100% sure you’ll be penalized. In short, whether you use MailChimp, Aweber, or something else like this, generally do not provide list cleaning services. They will let you send to bad email addresses, but you’ll be punished for it by losing your goodwill in the market.

That’s why you need a proven and trusted email cleaner. Email Checker lets you verify 1000 emails for only $14, and it gets cheaper from there. Not to mention, they use advanced techniques like email deduplication, syntax and format checking, domain checking, mailbox checking, and other cleaning techniques that put them ahead of the competition. Whatever email cleaner company or service you choose, clean your email list before your next email marketing campaign for achieving healthy results.