Our History of Email Validation

Email Checker is one of the web’s longest running email checking services, dating all the way to 2009. Our email validation service had humble origins as a simple, free tool for checking the validity of emails in a basic way. In recent years our growth has exploded in popularity, and what was once a little free tool has grown into a substantial B2B web business, servicing clients from all over the world.

Working Across The Globe

Our outlook is truly global, only a small percentage of our sales originate from our home country (The United Kingdom) and we have a major presence in the US, North America and the Middle East. Come join thousands of satisfied customers around the world and let Email Checker demonstrate how we can improve your email communications with our extensive range of email verification services.


If you have a question about our range of email verification and email validation services simply get in touch via the contact form below.

Do you offer an API?
Yes we certainly do, we offer both a real-time and batch API that you can easily integrate, for more information on this please visit here to find out more about our Email Verification API and it’s integration.
Can I upload a file with multiple data fields?
Yes, you can upload a file containing multiple columns of data. Our system will pick out the email address field automatically and preserve the rest of your data.
What does your verification service check exactly?
We do complete email verification including, Syntax, a simple check to ensure the email address conforms to common standards. Domain, a lookup on the domain element of the email address to ensure it is configured to accept emails. User, the really clever bit, where we check that the user mailbox exists (otherwise known as a SMTP check).

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