Email Validation Process and Benefits

There are a number of steps to take during the email validation process. Bulk email validation can be carried out using our bulk email validation tool to filter out the bad emails from the good.

As an online business with a website presence, you will be receiving new subscribers daily. It is like that many of the subscribers that signed up to your services last year could well have changed their email address since they last subscribed.

It is vital for you to ensure your newsletter campaigns are targeted to real people. Keeping your business relevant to a real audience that will open, click and respond to the call out actions in your campaigns.

You can achieve a faster delivery date, quicker open rate and more responsive click rate just by incorporating the simple and effective email validation step within your marketing process.

More clicks on the URLS within your campaigns and less bounces, should be your first objective before starting any new campaign. If you have over 15,000 subscribers and only 2000 opens, then something is not right.