Verify Or Regret It

Bulk verify email lists or live to regret it. Here is the story of a marketer who didn’t verify their emails in bulk and wasted their life away online. A bulk verify email story

Once upon a time, or last week maybe it was. A marketer was preparing their email list for a massive campaign. The marketer did everything possible to prepare the list for sending except for one crucial step they didn’t know they needed to do.

That missing step proved to be a fatal mistake in the marketer’s email campaign, causing failure and blacklisting their sender reputation with email servers around the world.

If you don’t want to be like the marketer in this short story you have to learn what their mistake was and how you can prevent from reliving it.

The story of the blacklisted marketer is a very sad one and a very true one. Every week a marketer somewhere in this big planet called Earth is struck down from sending anymore emails because they chose to not bulk verify email before sending.

Email addresses expire fast. Marketers are not keeping up with the statistics and finding out the hard way that bulk email verification was something they have to look at doing on a regular schedule. Not once in awhile.

Don’t be the marketer in this story. Bulk email verification is beneficial to your lists. List verification is a process of determining whether your list of email addresses are valid.

The entire process is an online service that allows you to verify emails in bulk and real-time on a cloud platform. Email-Checker has built a powerful email verification software, and a efficient way to check for bad email addresses and invalid domains.

Perform a pre-validation “clean-up” to remove known bad domains and invalid syntax before submitting to validation on our service. Your files can even contain multiple columns of data to make the process easy.

Write your own story has the marketer who paid attention enough to bulk verify email instead of ignoring what a good thing it was.